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Why you should attend

Brought to you by the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation, the sixth Southern African Metals and Engineering Indaba is an opportunity to network with Metals and Engineering industry stakeholders from Government, business, labour and civil society, as well as decision-makers in the SADC region. 

It is also an opportunity to exchange ideas on a range of topics including: 

  • The degree to which political leaders (governments) in South Africa and the SADC region advance or hinder growth;
  • The impact on the South African economy of the imposition in 2019 of tariffs on steel imports to protect the country’s primary steel producers and save jobs;
  • The commercial benefits, or lack thereof, of South Africa’s memberships of BRICS since 2010; and The National Development Plan.

Brought to you by SEIFSA in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation

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Ms Tanya Cohen

Chief Executive Officer:
Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)

Mr Moeletsi Mbeki


Mr Wayne Duvenage

Executive Director:
Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse

Ms Philippa Rodseth

Chief Executive Officer:
Manufacturing Circle

Mr Duncan Bonnett

Africa House

Mr Nico Vermeulen

National Association of Automobile

Mr Roy Mnisi

Master Builders South Africa

Mr Mazwi Tunyiswa

Head – Basic Metals & Mining:
Industrial Development Corporation

Professor JP Landman

Visiting Professor:
University of the Free State


Now in its third year, the Third Southern African Metals and Engineering Indaba features renowned and high-calibre speakers who include business executives, policy makers, Government ministers and labour leaders.

In the face of persistent poor performance in the metals and engineering sector, the Southern African Metals and Engineering Indaba is an excellent opportunity for the dynamic and thought-provoking speakers to share their experience, insight and knowledge.

The year’s Indaba will focus on the following topics, among others:


  • Political Leadership in Southern Africa: Does it Advance or Hamper Economic Growth?
  • Ensuring that Manufacturing in Southern Africa Is Internationally Competitive
  • The Continental Free Trade Area: A Reality Before The End of 2018?
  • Winning Together: Can Government, Business and Labour Conclude a Social Compact in the interest of Labour Stability and Foreign Investment
  • The Automotive Production and Development Programme and the South African Metals and Engineering Sector
  • Do Steel Import Tariffs Benefit or Hurt the South African Economy?
  • South Africa’s Junk Credit Rating: What do we need to do to regain our sovereign credit investment rating?

These topics have been carefully chosen to tackle the challenges facing manufacturers which have resulted in, among others, the declining contribution of manufacturing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), company liquidations/ closures and job losses.