Johannesburg, 21 September 2018 – Business and Government need to work together to increase demand for locally-manufactured products if the creation of one million jobs, in the manufacturing sector, by 2027 is to be realised, Manufacturing Circle CEO Philippa Rodseth said at the Metals and Engineering Indaba, in Sandton this afternoon.

“We need demand side interventions. Without demand, we cannot produce at full capacity, we cannot attract investment and we cannot create jobs. We, therefore, need to increase aggregate demand by buying locally-manufactured gods, replacing imports where possible and increasing local producers’ exports to markets outside South Africa.

Last year, the Manufacturing Circle launched its “Map to A Million New Jobs in a Decade” plan, with the organisation’s chairman André de Ruyter saying at the time: “If manufacturing can expand to 30% of GDP, between 800 000 and 1.1 million direct jobs can be created, with 5 to 8 times that number in indirect jobs,” he added. “Our ‘Map to a Million’ puts forward detailed proposals to deliver a million jobs in manufacturing in the next decade.”